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The Luzers 4 Eva was a Dinky Bomb video game clan that was active from 2003 to 2008. It was the longest running, largest, and arguably most prestigious clan to emerge over the course of Dinky Bomb's history (though I suppose I'm a little biased).

It was founded by me, L4E_WakaMol-King, or simply "King." My real name is Stephen G. Ware, but for a while more people in the world knew me as "King" than by my real name. My time in L4E was one of the finest chapters of my life, and I consider my clanmates to be true friends. This site, once our homepage, is now an homage to the great times we shared as a group. In true L4E form, I am drinking whilst I write this, so if you notice any mistakes, please let me know.

If you are looking for the history of Dinky Bomb, click here.



I was always meticulous about maintaining our clan roster. While we were active, we had many different kinds of members including "Founder," "Secret Member," "Retired Member," "Honorary Member," and even "Dishonorary Member." Now that we are all effectively retired members, I have decided to put most of us all together in one big list (though I've kept the honorary members separate).

Golden Rocket Awarded by members to founder of the clan
Silver Rocket Awarded by member vote for distinguished service to the clan
Bronze Rocket Awarded by King for special service to the clan
Golden Gun Member has achieved a black star in Dinky Bomb Deluxe
Platinum Pins Member has bowled a perfect game in Oddballs Bowling
Diamond Doll Member has achieved a black start in Voodoo Magic

Official Screenname Nickname Real Name Join Date Awards
1. L4E_WakaMol-King "King" Stephen Ware Dec 20, 2003
2. L4E_Great-Decay "Enjoi" Justin Phetsada Dec 20, 2003
3. L4E_Jumpingbean12 "Jump" Sean Risser Dec 21, 2003
4. L4E_Forrix "Forrix" Dec 21, 2003
5. L4E_-YouDinky- n/a Dec 21, 2003
6. L4E_FuyuGoddess "Queenie" Krizthine Canham Jun 14, 2004
7. L4E_Blinky "Blinky" Amy Russell Jun 14, 2004
8. L4E_ToastedAndBurnt "Toast" Charlie Haley Jun 30, 2004
9. tL4E_RandomChick "Random" Jun 30, 2004
10. L4E_CallMeGramps "Grampz" Terry Huskey Jul 1, 2004
11. L4E_MAIN_EVENT "Main" Sean Jul 1, 2004
12. L4E_Faerie-Fire "Faye" Samantha Jul 1, 2004
13. L4E_Sonic69 "Sonic" John Jul 2, 2004
14. L4E_Sabriel "Sab" Jessica Jul 3, 2004
15. L4E_HaHaHa n/a Alex Jul 11, 2004
16. L4E_SummerGurl "Summer" Tracey Jul 11, 2004
17. L4E_SexyDevil "Zee" Jul 17, 2004
18. L4E_Nice-Day "Baker" Gregg Baker Jul 20, 2004
19. L4E_Tiesto "Glenn" Glenn Lemire Jul 24, 2004
20. L4E_Bexter "Bex" Rebekka Terrill Jul 28, 2004
21. L4E_Raygun "Ray" Aug 3, 2004
22. L4E_Megs "Meg" Megan Aug 30, 2004
23. L4E_Pupitier "Pup" Aug 31, 2004
24. L4E_RedRum "Red" Sept 20, 2004
25. L4E_Beantown "Bean" Brian Remick Nov 18, 2004
26. L4E_Budblinkin "Bud" George Gabbani Dec 15, 2004
27. L4E_Blue "Blue" Nicole Dec 23, 2004
28. L4E_Mess "Mess" Michelle Dec 28, 2004
29. L4E_Miss_Cutie "Cutie" Feb 10, 2005
30. L4E_River "River" Alex Morris Feb 27, 2005
31. L4E_Taylor "Tay" Taylor Apr 1, 2005
32. L4E_Jade "Jade" Allie Jul 23, 2005
33. L4E_Monkey "Monkey" Peter Kellogg Jul 31, 2005
34. L4E_Couchpotato "Couch" Brenan Oct 21, 2005
35. L4E_Heep "Heep" Oct 25, 2005
36. L4E_Dirty-Dan "Dan" Dan Dec 29, 2005
37. L4E_Duckie "Duckie" Ashley Jan 4, 2006
38. L4E_Katie "Ka" Katie Truong Apr 15, 2006
39. L4E_Veda-Skies "Ryan" Ryan May 9, 2006
40. L4E_Fatal_Beauty "Fatal" Aug 4, 2006
41. L4E_Blaine "Blaine" Blaine Reich Mar 4, 2007
42. L4E_Bond "Bond" Sean Mar 6, 2007
43. L4E_Axyl "Axyl" Shelly Mar 14, 2007
44. L4E_Misfit "Misfit" May 18, 2008
Honorary Members
45. Fronk n/a Aug 20, 2004
46. Konnor "Kon" Mat O'Connor Nov 10, 2004
47. Sanitarium "Sani" Feb 11, 2004
48. Omerta "Dave" Dave Jul 2, 2005


L4E began as a joke on December 20, 2003 between its two founders: Waka-Mole-King and Enjoi-Me-Losing. Actually, that date is an estimation. Since I didn't expect L4E to last more than a few days, I didn't bother to record the date.

As expected, L4E came and went in about a week. We garnered 5 members total and then fizzled out like most other clans. Years later, we managed to reconnect with all but one of those members.

One day in the summer of 2004, in a fit of boredom, I rediscovered Dinky Bomb. I still had L4E in front of my name, so I decided to leave it there for old time's sake. A couple of the other people I met thought it was funny and added it as well. Those two people were L4E_FuyuGoddess and L4E_Blinky, who would become our first two new members.

Much to my surprise, L4E took off like a rocket! Soon it became much more than a joke, and we had to start turning people away. Right around the time that Gamer.tv dropped Dinky Bomb and moved it to WePlayHere.com, we became an official clan with our own subforum on the Dinky Bomb website. We were off to quite a start!

From day 1, L4E was a whimsical bunch. We branded ourselves as a "friendship clan," something that was quite rare in those days. While most clans were focused on recruiting the best players, we simply focused on recruiting the people we enjoyed talking to and playing with. Eventually, friendship clans became the norm. I'd like to think that we started that trend.

Oldschool L4E members might still remember "the Dinky Bomb underground," a second, secret Dinky Bomb server which had its own lobby and offered access to the then unplayable level Santa's Snowdown. The website admins had clearly forgotten about this sever because it was not accessible from any public pages. While it was running, L4E often met and played there.

Around this time I become a game moderator. This eventually turned out to be very fortunate. L4E was slowly earning a reputation as a troublemaker clan, so I found myself going to bat for many of our members to prevent them from being banned from the game. Though I enjoyed my moderator position, my first loyalty was always to L4E.

Because we needed more room and because we wanted to protect our personal discussions from the prying eyes of the other moderators, we decided to start our own website with our own forum. It's a good thing too. We needed a whole forum just to ourselves to contain all the chit-chat we were making.

If there's one thing we always had, it was drama. Whether it was members pretending to be the opposite sex or members getting banned, there was always something going on that threatened to tear the group apart. But we always stuck it out, and in the end we became good friends.

By the time Dinky Bomb moved to GamerParty.com, it was so popular that we were turning people away on a regular basis. On the rare occasion that someone was voted in, I got to invite them personally in the Dinky Bomb lobby, a duty that I always enjoyed.

We developed a lot of clan traditions. One was an extensive list of who was supposedly married to whom--a list that resulted in quite an odd looking family tree. Another was the Poking Thread, by far the longest thread in our forums with nearly 4,500 posts. We also had several subclans, the most famous of which was certainly the tL4E, or Topless Luzers 4 Eva.

Our unofficial rival clan was WWK, the World Wide Killers, and its leader Mike. When we were a new upstart clan, they tried to convince our most skilled members to leave L4E for their clan. Once we were on equal or greater footing with WWK, they continued to be a source of friendly competition in various tournaments and popularity contests.

As the games of GamerParty.com began to die, so did L4E. Those of us who were left continued to keep in touch, and every now and then we had reunions where old members would come back to reminisce. But by the time Atari bought and shut down Dinky Bomb, L4E had nearly gone the way of the dinosaur.

I'm glad to say that we outlasted most of the other clans. It took a lot to kill L4E, but when GamerParty.com, the last bastion of hope for the Dinky Bomb community, finally died, so did L4E.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who was involved in L4E over the years. Though I never met you in person, I consider you to be my friends. We shared many fun nights of gaming and chatting, and we really did get to know one another. Unfortunately, I've lost touch with most of you, but if you ever feel the need to reconnect, drop me a line at sgware@gmail.com.

Yours truly,
-- King